The 5 Most Used Apps in My iPhone’s Camera Bag

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With several hundred iPhone photography and photo editing apps available, I’m often asked which apps I recommend. Although I test out and use many iOS photography apps, here are the 5 most used iPhone photography apps that are currently part of my workflow:

ProCamera: My camera-replacement app of choice brings DSLR control to your iPhone! Plus, the in-app purchase of VividHDR gives you superior HDR functionality, giving you the capability to capture images with amazing details in both highlights and shadows.

Snapseed: This free photo editor by Google, is the app I go to first when I need to fine-tune an image. In addition to being an excellent photo editor, Snapseed also includes some creative post-processing features.

TouchRetouch: This is, by far, the best retouching app available. TouchRetouch allows you to remove unwanted details like telephone wires from your images.

Mextures: This creative post-processing app includes an extensive collection of filters to add textures, light leaks, and color to your images. You can also layer your effects and save your formula or settings, to apply to other images.

Stackables: Another of my favorite creative post-processing apps. Stackable’s functionality is similar to Mextures, but has a higher learning curve.

The photograph on the left (above) was captured using the camera-replacement app ProCamera at Prettyboy Reservoir just north of Baltimore. I then edited the image capture with the apps Snapseed, Mextures and Stackables. The final processed image, Winter Gorge, is on the right.

If you’d like to learn how to use these apps, please check out my schedule for upcoming workshops at my Baltimore studio, or via Skype!

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