Add Some Ambiance to Your Photos

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If you use Snapseed to fine-tune and edit your iPhone photos, you probably noticed the Ambiance option under the Tune Image tool. So, what exactly is photographic Ambiance?

Ambiance is a special type of contrast that controls the balance of light and dark in a photo. It’s especially helpful in photos that are slightly flat. A great example of using ambiance to increase tonal range is this image that I shot on an extremely grey day at Patuxent National Wildlife Refuge. I first used the Tune Image tool to open up the shadow areas and increased the color saturation slightly. But even with those edits, the image needed more. Using Ambiance under Snapseed’s Tune Image tool, I was able to slightly increase the dynamic range of the image to give it a little more life.

The image on the left was photographed on a very grey day with flat light. I used Snapseed’s Tune Image tool to lighten up the shadows, increase color saturation and add Ambiance.

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