The Mobile View at the Creative Alliance

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I’m pleased to announce the upcoming The Mobile View exhibit at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore from September 15-30, with a reception on Friday, September 15 from 6-8pm. The exhibit features work by 12 photographers and artists who are using mobile photography in their creative practice. All of the featured artists have taken iPhone Photo workshops […]

Transform Your Photos With These 5 Post-processing Apps

Just check out the App Store, and you’ll find hundreds of post-processing apps that are available for your iPhone and iPad. I’m always downloading and experimenting with new photo editing apps. Out of all the apps on my iPhone, here are five creative post-processing apps that I use most often: Mextures: This creative post-processing app includes […]

Get Rid of Telephone Wires in Your Photos with Touch ReTouch

In this month’s tip, I’ll show you another great feature in the app TouchRetouch. Need to get rid of a telephone wire in your a photo? If so, the Line Remove Tool in the app TouchRetouch is pretty awesome for removing linear objects such as telephone wires. When you tap the Line Removal tool, you have […]

How to Remove Unwanted Items from Your Photos

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Have you ever wanted to remove an unwanted item from your iPhone photos, like a telephone line, skin blemish, or object that you feel is spoiling your composition? If so, I highly recommend TouchRetouch. This app is an essential part of my photo editing toolkit.   When you first open TouchRetouch, tap Albums to access […]

Add Some Ambiance to Your Photos

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If you use Snapseed to fine-tune and edit your iPhone photos, you probably noticed the Ambiance option under the Tune Image tool. So, what exactly is photographic Ambiance? Ambiance is a special type of contrast that controls the balance of light and dark in a photo. It’s especially helpful in photos that are slightly flat. […]

Photo Editing Basics with Snapseed

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Have you ever taken a photo with your iPhone that could use some improvement? I know that I do! If so, I’d like to share some basic photo editing tips using the app Snapseed that can give your images a boost. Snapseed is a free and complete professional photo editor developed by Google, and the app […]

How and When to Take HDR Photos on Your iPhone

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and is a great iPhone camera feature for improving the exposure of your photos. It allows you to capture more balanced exposures in high contrast scenes such as landscapes. As a landscape photographer, I shoot HDR photos often. With the HDR feature you can capture more color and detail […]

How to Take iPhone Photos with Perfect Focus and Exposure

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The number one question I get during workshops is how to take iPhone photos in better focus. The AE/AF (Auto Exposure/Auto Focus) Lock feature on the native iPhone camera app is invaluable for achieving perfect focus and exposure in your photos. To set the focus point, you simply tap the iPhone’s screen once on part of […]

The 5 Most Used Apps in My iPhone’s Camera Bag

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With several hundred iPhone photography and photo editing apps available, I’m often asked which apps I recommend. Although I test out and use many iOS photography apps, here are the 5 most used iPhone photography apps that are currently part of my workflow: ProCamera: My camera-replacement app of choice brings DSLR control to your iPhone! Plus, […]

The Landscape iPhoneography Process: Day’s End Palenville

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Since I’ve been sharing and exhibiting my landscape iPhoneography, I get many questions about my process and work flow. In this post, I’ll share with you how I captured and edited my most recent image, Day’s End, Palenville.  This week I’m staying in Palenville, New York to work on a new series of images inspired by […]