Photo Editing Basics with Snapseed

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Have you ever taken a photo with your iPhone that could use some improvement? I know that I do! If so, I’d like to share some basic photo editing tips using the app Snapseed that can give your images a boost. Snapseed is a free and complete professional photo editor developed by Google, and the app I turn to first for fine-tuning and editing my images. It’s an essential part of my workflow.

When you open up an image in Snapseed, tap on the pencil icon at the bottom of your screen. This will give you a complete menu of photo editing tools. Snapseed has many tools to enhance your images, but where do you start?

Tune Image Tool

Tune Image is the tool I turn to most often. This tool allows you to make overall changes to your image such as brightness, contrast, saturation, ambience, warmth, shadows and highlights. The image on the left was shot at Kent Island on Maryland’s Eastern Shore at the end of the day. There’s not as much detail in the shadow areas as I would like. Using Shadows under the Tune Image tool, I was able to brighten up shadow areas for more detail. But, notice that as I increased detail in the shadow areas, it did not brighten any other part of the photo. To save your edits, make sure to tap the check mark at the bottom right of your screen.

Next, I decided to add a little bit more warmth to the image to give it that end of day glow. Again, to save this additional edit, I tapped the check mark at the bottom right of my screen.

Saving Your Edits

Since I’m satisfied with the edits I’ve made to this image, I’m now ready to save it to my camera roll by tapping Save at the top of the screen. You have three choices when saving your image: Save, Save a Copy, or Export. I always opt for the Save a Copy option. This option creates a new copy of your image, including the layers of edits to your Camera Roll. You can then go back to your edits and make adjustments later.

Want to learn more? If you’d like to learn more about photo editing on your iPhone or iPad, check out my upcoming mentoring schedule. I offer photo editing mentoring via Skype, at my studio and group workshops at locations in the Baltimore and mid-Atlantic area.

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