How to Remove Unwanted Items from Your Photos

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Have you ever wanted to remove an unwanted item from your iPhone photos, like a telephone line, skin blemish, or object that you feel is spoiling your composition? If so, I highly recommend TouchRetouch. This app is an essential part of my photo editing toolkit.


When you first open TouchRetouch, tap Albums to access your iPhone’s or iPad’s photo library, then select the photo you want to edit.

In the example, I’ve decided that I’d like to remove the birdhouse from the photo. After opening the image, I’ll select the Object Removal tool at the bottom of the screen. Depending on the size and shape of the object you want to remove, you need to decide if you want to use the Brush or Lasso tool to select the object you want to erase. In this example, I’ve decided to use the Lasso tool. Using my finger, I drew a continuous line around the birdhouse that I want to remove. You can zoom in by pinching the screen to get a closer look at what you’re doing. When you release your finger, your selection will appear in green.

If you’re not happy what you selected, you can tap the Undo icon (left-pointing arrow) at the top of the screen, then start over. Your other option is using the Eraser tool to unmark any areas that you don’t want selected. Use the Settings option to adjust the size of the eraser, then brush over the green areas you don’t want selected.

Once you’ve selected the object or objects you want to remove, tap Go and watch TouchRetouch erase the object and replace it with pixels from the surrounding area. It’s like magic!

Left: Original photo with bird house. Right: After I removed the bird house using the Object Removal function.

To save your edited photo, tap the Export icon (the up arrow at the top right), then tap Save A Copy to save the image to your Photos app.


The TouchRetouch app has some tutorials showing you how to use each of the tools. To access these tutorials, return to the app’s home screen by tapping the Home icon at the top left of the screen, then select Tutorials.

If you’d like to learn more about using the TouchRetouch app, check out my Summer 2017 workshop schedule. I offer photo editing mentoring via Skype, at my studio and at several locations in the Baltimore and mid-Atlantic area.

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