What is Skype mentoring?

Group or private mentoring via Skype is the perfect way to learn about iOS photo editing apps that allow you to fine-tune your photos, and develop your own creative direction. Skype mentoring is designed to help you learn and explore a photo editing app in depth, in a supportive environment with other photographers and artists.

During the workshop, we’ll connect using the Skype app, I’ll demo iPhone photo editing apps and answer your questions in real-time. It’s a similar experience to being on-site—we’ll be able to see each other and interact just like an in-person workshop! During and after the workshop, share what you learned with other photographers and artists in the private iPhone Photo Workshop Facebook group.

How does it work?

All you need is a high-speed internet connection, a Skype account, and the Skype app downloaded to your laptop or desktop computer. At the designated workshop time, I’ll contact the group via Skype video call, and we’ll connect using the Skype app.


Please contact me with any questions about group or private Skype mentoring, or check out the FAQs below.

Creative Post-Processing with Mextures

Date: Wednesday August 23, 7-9 pm EST
Fee: $50
Workshop limited to 10.
Registration closes on Monday, August 21 at 5pm EST

Experiment with ways to process your image captures in a direction that reflects your creative vision in this 2-hour group workshop. Mextures is a powerful creative post-processing app for your iPhone and iPad that allows you to build unique edits quickly using hundreds of hand curated textures, authentic film presets, and professional grade adjustments.

Creative Post-Processing with Stackables

Date: Wednesday August 30, 7-9 pm EST
Fee: $50
Workshop limited to 10.
Registration closes on Monday, August 28 at 5pm EST

Instantly transform your photos into works of art with Stackables, a powerful post-processing app for your iPhone and iPad that allows you to create a personal style to your image captures. Learn how to use the hundreds of textures, light leaks, emulsion, grit and grain, analog film filters, vintage gradients, elaborate geometric patterns, and much more in this 2-hour group workshop. Workshop prerequisite: A working knowledge of your iPhone 6 or iPad 2 or later, and the photo editing app Snapseed.

One-on-One Mentoring

Private mentoring allows you to focus on the exact knowledge you need to take your iPhone photography and photo editing skills to a new level. We will design the workshop together focusing on where you are in your iPhone photography skills and where you’d like to go.

By appointment
Fee: $300 for 2-hour private session

Contact me


Do I need a Skype account?

Yes. Upon registration, please have your Skype account activated. In order for me to contact you via Skype, please provide your Skype handle upon registration. At the designated workshop time, I’ll contact you via Skype video call, and we’ll connect using the Skype app.

Where can I download the Skype app?

You can download the Skype lap to your desktop, laptop, iPhone or iPad here.

Can I use the Skype app on my iPhone or iPad during the workshop?

To get the most out of the workshop, I recommend using the Skype app on your laptop or desktop computer. This will enable you to work on the photo editing apps that I demo on your iPhone or iPad, plus see the demos and interact with me at the same time.

Should I have the photo editing apps downloaded prior to the workshop?

Yes. Prior to the workshop, please download the photo editing apps that we’ll be exploring on your iPhone and iPad, plus a selection of images you’d like to fine-tune and process.

Do the photo editing apps work on an Android phone?

Snapseed and TouchRetouch are available for both iOS and Android. If you use an Android, and would like to get to know Snapseed and TouchRetouch in depth, the Photo Editing Basics workshop would be appropriate for you.

Mextures and Stackables are only available for the iPhone and iPad. So if you are using an Android, the Creative Post Processing with Mextures, and the Creative Post Processing with Stackables workshops would not be not be appropriate.

Can I use iOS photo editing and creative post-processing apps on images shot with my DSLR?

Yes! By wirelessing transferring DSLR images to your iPhone or iPad, you can use any of the iOS photo editing or creative post-processing apps to edit and process your images.