Transform Your Photos With These 5 Post-processing Apps

Just check out the App Store, and you’ll find hundreds of post-processing apps that are available for your iPhone and iPad. I’m always downloading and experimenting with new photo editing apps. Out of all the apps on my iPhone, here are five creative post-processing apps that I use most often:

Mextures: This creative post-processing app includes an extensive collection of filters to add textures, light leaks, and color to your images. You can also layer your effects and save your formula or settings, to apply to other images.

Stackables: Another of my favorite creative post-processing apps. Stackable’s functionality is similar to Mextures, but has a higher learning curve.

Distressed FX: This simple, easy-to-use creative post-processing app can really transform your images. It’s particularly suited for landscapes and still lives.

Image Blender: Use this layering and masking app to create multiple exposures, add or replace objects, or layer textures with your images. It’s easy to use, but gives you endless creative possibilities.

Vintage Scene: If you like early photography, this app can transform your images with classic effects like sepia tones, grain, darkened edges and distressed papers. You can also create your own pre-sets for re-use.

The image, Late Day, Druid Hill Park, above was captured on my iPhone last week while enjoying a concert in Baltimore’s Druid Hill Park. I then immediately edited the image using Snapseed and Distressed FX on my iPhone, while listening to the concert. Being able to capture and edit your images on the same device is one of the reasons I love iPhone photograpny!

If you’d like to learn how to use these apps, please check out my schedule of upcoming workshops on location or via Skype.

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